The day the phones died

The chaos caused by the flood at British Telecom’s Paddington exchange is still ongoing 7 days later despite BT’s claim that the matter was cleared overnight!

We have customers who have been without lines since Wednesday of last week. Requested diverts have not worked properly, resulting in random diverting causing even more mayhem.

Customers with non flood related faults seem to have been put to the back of the queue due to most BT engineers working on the Paddington problems.

As a system maintainer, at least our customers have had us as a point of contact. ‘It’s good to talk’ (now where did we hear that) even if we cannot directly resolve the problem, staying in touch with our clients and passing on updates lets them know we are doing as much as we can. The team on our helpdesk have been continually chasing diverts and checking the fault status of all our affected customers. Fortunately our company is well organised and able to run our own helpdesk as well as deal with BT’s disasters.

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