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Surviving your office phone system

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

If you think that your current office phone system is something that you either have to work around or simply put up with, then maybe now is time for the recognition that you have a problem.

Today’s business telecoms is:

  • integral to the daily efficient operation of a business;
  • an enabler that allows your business to grow and succeed;
  • something that you should see as the backbone of your business rather than an obstacle you periodically need to bypass.

So, if you don’t see your system as doing the above things then you may well be heading for trouble – or in it already.

Thinking positively

Your office phone system should be providing you with things such as:

  • good, virtually fault-free operation;
  • the capability to support not only phone calls but also things such as conferencing, follow-on, call routing, voice mail, ring-back, call identification, multi-site support and perhaps even video;
  • low-cost maintenance.

This isn’t, of course, a full list of the capabilities of a modern business phone system. It’s also possible that your business just doesn’t need some of these types of facilities- yet!

However, if some of those capabilities in the context of your existing phone system sound like a mixture of wishful thinking and science fiction, then it’s perhaps time to do something about it!

Ease of implementation

Anyone much over the age of around 45 may be able to remember the days when installing a new office phone system of even modest size involved vast budgets, months of planning and a cast of thousands of technical experts.

Those days are, thankfully, long gone.

Today companies such as Siemens business telephone systems produce solutions that can be quickly installed and typically with the minimum of fuss.

Entry-level systems for very small businesses can be functionally rich and can be grown in terms of both functional capability and size, as your business requires.

Of course, selecting the right solution for your business is important as is planning for the implementation – both areas where our expertise may help smooth your path.


If you’re currently struggling with an inadequate business phone system, you’ll understandably be keen to try and ensure that you’re not in exactly the same position in the future.

The good news is that modern systems can be grown and evolved as technology and your business requirements change.

Nobody can predict the future to a high degree of accuracy, but selecting the most suitable solution should mean that your new office phone system becomes an ongoing platform for your success rather than a wall standing in front of you.

School phone systems and the future

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Schools are meant to be about developing students to think about the world around them and the future. Yet many schools continue to use school phone systems that hark back to the days of their students’ grandparents!

Schools and phones

Of course, students don’t attend school or college to study school phone systems. It’s possible to argue that it should be of no concern to students whether or not the school’s business telecoms are state of the art or better suited to a museum.

However, having antiquated school phone systems may affect the school’s ability to deliver education to their students in the most efficient manner possible.

It may also not help create the most appropriate cultural base for students and their future attitudes to development and progression if they see professional staff trying to get by with telephone systems that are simply not fit for purpose.

The visible effects

If you think that such shortcomings either aren’t visible or have no effect, then it may be advisable to think again.

For example:

  • being unable to access a phone conveniently located in your area of the school;
  • needing to use students as messengers between classrooms and the admin office;
  • phones that can’t transfer calls around; etc.

None of these sorts of things are likely to help your school function efficiently or help students believe that their educational establishment is exactly progressive and on top of the information and communication revolutions.

The practicalities

It’s also possibly worth keeping in mind the hidden costs and risks associated with using obsolete phone systems.

You may simply get lucky but perhaps more likely is the scenario where your old system becomes increasingly unreliable and expensive (perhaps impossible) to maintain.

Then there are those scenarios where there is an emergency and the only on the spot option is to send off runners taking messages to the school office asking for phone calls to be made – not amusing if that’s right on the other side of your school premises.

The costs

It’s a fact that today many education budgets are under intense pressure and that may lead to the temptation to dismiss out of hand any suggestion relating to upgrading your phone systems.

However, in reality there is a range of new phone systems; supplied by reputable companies such as Siemens, that may be far more reasonably priced than you would perhaps imagine.

The initial system can be small and can grow as your needs evolve.

The modern generation of school phone systems can increase the flexibility, and security of your school operations. It may also help at least some students believe that their establishment is part of the modern as opposed to yesterday’s world.

Backing a small business

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Our search for a small to medium company to take up our offer of a free telephone system, is well under way but time flies – the closing date of 30th September will soon be upon us.

We have a Siemens telephone system ready to install at a small to medium sized business based in London or the South East. In addition we will provide training and 12 months support completely FREE of charge.

Please be assured this isn’t a lucky draw – our aim is to assist a company who will really benefit by having their telecoms updated. We want to hear about your business and how you feel improving your communications could enable its growth. The ability to efficiently process your customer’s calls could bring a professional edge to any company. The introduction of a reliable communication system with up to date features may be the advantage your business needs. The most compelling application will be the recipient of our system.

Please go to for further information and the t&c’s. Alternatively feel free to email us with any questions you may have.