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Phone systems for colleges – FAQs

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

If you’re involved in the management of a college, you may at times be rather embarrassed or even infuriated by your phone system. Phone systems for colleges are sometimes overlooked over time and the results can be, well, let’s say painful!

However, the thought of replacing them can be intimidating and generate more than a few questions.

Aren’t new phone systems for colleges expensive?

No, not necessarily.

A modern business telephone system can consist of as little as two handsets.

It depends upon your requirements – and also it’s worth keeping in mind the hidden costs associated with trying to manage with an obsolete system.

How reliable are new systems?

Modern technology from a company such as Siemens telephone solutions are often extremely reliable.

What facilities do the new systems provide?

Modern college telephone systems can offer a vast range of facilities including things such as conferencing, multi-site operation, menu systems, voice mail, messaging and video.

They can also be integrated into your college IT infrastructure.

We would be only too pleased to offer our professional advice and guidance further in this area.

How scalable are they?

Scalability (the ability of your business phone system to expand easily and cost-effectively) is one of the big issues.

Some systems may be rather better than others at growing as your requirements change – Siemens, for example, have an excellent reputation in that area.

This is also sometimes called future proofing because nobody wants to find that their phone system is obsolete shortly after purchase.

Once again, our expertise here can help you avoid these dangers.

What about technical support?

Although modern business telephone technology is typically very reliable, things can still go wrong.

Depending upon the supplier selected, many systems come under warranty against component failure.

However, warranties can expire and also, it isn’t always easy to diagnose the exact nature of a problem. Not all problems are covered by a warranty.

That’s why it’s advisable to select a solution and a provider that’s capable of supporting it through a professional support contract that provides you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We offer a range of levels of telephone maintenance contracts that can typically be tailor made to meet your needs.

Where do I start?

Flicking through catalogues isn’t necessarily the best place to begin.

An initial discussion with an experienced provider of phone systems for colleges, such as ourselves will allow a professional assessment of your requirements. That’s a good start point in terms of identifying potential solutions.

The typical small business phone system

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

In reality, it’s very hard to define what a typical small business phone system would look like.

That’s because it’s hard to imagine what a typical small business is.

Your business is unique and your requirements for business telecoms and office phone systems will also be unique to you.

However, you may find that:

  • your customers are now demanding contact every time they phone and not just the engaged signal;
  • if you or a colleague are not available, callers may expect to be able to leave a message;
  • you’re asked to participate in (or perhaps even instigate) a multi-site conference call;
  • if you’re moving around your premises, then callers will still expect to be able to reach you and engage in a conversation.

The list could be extended and is potentially lengthy.

The key point is that your customers, suppliers and business partners, just won’t want to communicate with your business via telephone on the same basis as they would have done in the 1970s.

The modern small business phone system from a reputable market leader such as Siemens telephone solutions may be able to offer all the above features and many more.

Telephone maintenance contracts

It is possible that your existing business telephone system is relatively modern but just isn’t reliable.

That can be frustrating and potentially business damaging because if your system is down and you can’t be contacted, then your customers may not be prepared to wait.

It might, therefore, be a good idea to consider putting a maintenance and support contract into place.

Such a contract typically helps a small business achieve two objectives:

  • to reduce the possibilities of system failures and down time;
  • to get the fastest possible aid and restoration of the business telephones in the event a failure does happen.

Having a support and maintenance contract in place might make all the difference between a telephone problem being a minor inconvenience and a business catastrophe, and this is where we can help. We offer several levels of telephone system service and maintenance and allow you to create package that best meets your own businesses unique needs.

The modest costs involved may be a small price to pay for the security of knowing that you have cover for your existing small business phone system.

The Kent & London Business Show

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The Kent & London Business Show comes to Bexleyheath on Friday 1st October 2010 at 10am – 3pm.

Telcare will be exhibiting, and we would be delighted to meet customers old and new, you can find us on stand 51. Why not come and say hello?

The event is being held at The Marriott Hotel, Bexleyheath and is free to all visitors.

The Marriott is easily found. Take the A220 Gravel Hill and the hotel is located a few hundred yards on the left. The post code is DA6 7JZ alternatively a map can be found at the Marriott website.

The good news is that our Free System Campaign, which officially closes on the 30th September, will be extended to visitors of the show. For information on how you can apply for a free Siemens telephone system, please go to

Time is running out

Monday, September 6th, 2010

The search for a small business in need of a FREE telephone system is nearly over!

If you haven’t already applied - go to and find out how you can be in with a chance of having a telephone system installed and maintained for 12 months, completely free of charge.

There is no catch or obligation – all you have to do is tell us what it would mean to your business to have the advantage of a communication system with up to date features installed at your office – at no cost!

The closing date is September 30th, however, we are pleased to announce that we will extend the offer to visitors to our stand at the Kent & London Business Show at the Marriott Hotel, Bexleyheath on Friday 1st October 2010. This will be a perfect opportunity to discuss the offer with a member of the Telcare team.

Business telephones – friend or foe?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

For many decades now it has been difficult or even impossible for a business to survive and grow unless it had access to communications and business telephones.

Yet it’s still not uncommon to encounter business people who express views such as:

  • their business telephones are useless;
  • their phones and business telecoms are holding them back;
  • they just can’t do XYZ with their current phones;
  • their systems are unreliable and expensive to fix.

All this is more than just a pity because modern business telecoms and office phone systems not only shouldn’t be causing you trouble – they should, in fact, be helping you drive your business forward.

What are the problems?

Many businesses are still trying to base their telecoms operations on outmoded equipment.

Although it’s true that a business doesn’t necessarily need cutting edge communication technology, in the 21st century it does need to have small business telephone systems that are capable of providing certain levels of basic functional support.

What these are typically varies from one business to another but typically a modern system needs to be able to support:

  • call transfers, follow-me, re-routing and caller identification;
  • voice mail, out-of-office support, conferencing selection menu and multi-site operation;
  • video and wider information technology systems integration.

It’s worth noting that none of these facilities are now considered to be necessarily cutting-edge technology.

They are part of a normal modern business telecommunications capability.

You may not need several of these facilities but if your system isn’t capable of providing any of them, then it may be an indication that it’s time for a re-think.

Your options

Today business telephones come in many different varieties.

It’s perfectly possible to purchase a system virtually off of the shelf – but there may be some risks in that approach.
Your business tomorrow may look rather different to the way it is today. Will your business telecoms be able to grow with you and support those changes?

Analysing your situation and selecting the right solution may require skills and experience and that’s where our proven expertise will be able to help.

Using reliable and easily upgradeable technology from global companies such as Siemens, we can help you avoid making procurement mistakes and to position your technology so that it supports your business today and tomorrow.

The new dialogue

Selecting and installing a new phone system could revolutionise the way your business engages with the business world around it.

If you have the right solution, you may find that you are one of those that praises rather than resents their business telephones.