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Siemens telephone systems – quality and innovation

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Selecting a business telephone system is often about reducing risk while guaranteeing the best possible technical support to your business. That is the territory occupied by Siemens telephone systems.

Quality is key

You very probably want your phone to work every single time you use it or your clients try to do so when they call you.

Having business telecoms services installed which were the cheapest around, may not seem such a great decision when you and your customers can’t talk to each other because your system is ‘down’.

Equally, although you probably don’t want to pay for services and facilities that simply can’t be justified in the context of your business, you may wish to hedge your bets because they may be required in future.

Both of these relate to the quality and scalability (the ability to grow) of your chosen solution.

That’s why we offer Siemens telephone systems as a business telephone systems option if we feel it is the one most suited to your needs.

A track record

Siemens has a history that goes back to 1847 and was initially based around the telegraph. What that means is that they have a vast amount of experience in evolving technologies and quality engineering.

Today they apply that expertise in a number of modern telecommunications areas including small business phone systems and have a truly enviable reputation for quality solutions.

Growing with your business

One of the big advantages of Siemens solutions is that they are often plug-upgradeable. What that means is that if your business grows and expands, then you can grow your phone system to go with that expansion. You have no need to throw it away and buy another – as may be the case with some systems.

That means your existing investment is protected.

You can also be sure that your system is using technical solutions that are fully compliant with the latest standards and regulations – something that may important if you’d like to integrate with your customers’ systems in due course.

Siemens telephone systems – a safe pair of hands

With Siemens telephone systems you can be sure that you’re getting the latest technology delivered to you in a managed-risk framework. You won’t be gambling the future of your business on an unproven supplier or speculative non-standard technology.

And so we reach the end of 2010

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Although it seems as if 2010 only just arrived, we have sped through it at an alarming rate and here we are about to welcome 2011. However, if we stop and think back to our achievements it doesn’t seem so bad.

We have attended various events, met some interesting people and been involved in some community and education based schemes. We have been lucky enough to gain some great customers and suppliers throughout the year and we look forward to strengthening those relationships in 2011. We also look forward to welcoming our new Helpdesk Manager, Tony, in January. Tony will, with the rest of the team, continue to maintain our simple but most important aim of being customer focused at all times.

Our year always ends with a huge thank you to the staff and the highlight has always been our Christmas party. This year’s event was no exception. The party was held at the beautiful Ashdown Park Hotel in the Ashdown Forest. Although the snow made it very difficult to get there, when we did eventually arrive; the serenity of snow covered grounds with strolling deer was very rewarding indeed. The photos have yet to be censored so they may make it to the website or they may not.

All that remains to say now is Happy Christmas to everyone and we wish you all a very prosperous 2011.

Telcare Christmas Opening Times 2010

Monday, December 20th, 2010

In order to be well prepared for the Christmas break please make a note of our office opening times during this period.

Friday 24th December 9am – 5pm (skeleton staff 2-5pm) Saturday 25th December Closed
Sunday 26th December Closed
Monday 27th December Closed
Tuesday 28th December Closed
Wednesday 29th December 9am-5pm (skeleton staff)
Thursday 30th December 9am-5pm (skeleton staff)
Friday 31st December 9am-5pm (skeleton staff)
Saturday 1st January Closed
Sunday 2nd January Closed
Monday 3rd January Closed
Tuesday 4th January 9am – 5pm

Telcare would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

The importance of a multi line phone system

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Why may a multi line phone system be important to you? Try to imagine the scene:

  • someone desperately needs to call a critically important client and picks up the handset on their desk, only to find that all outside lines are already occupied – cue frantic racing around trying to get people to get off the phone so you can make your call;
  • an ex-client you meet by chance, happens to say they don’t use you anymore because they didn’t enjoy spending lots of time listening to the engaged tone when they were trying to call you;
  • you’re getting bombarded by unsolicited sales calls meaning your clients just can’t get through to you.

If this sounds like a scene from a mid-20th century sitcom, you’d be sadly mistaken.

In practice, some 21st century businesses are still trying to survive and prosper using technology that doesn’t provide a multi line phone system. That’s something that may prove harder and harder to achieve as each year passes.

A multi line phone system can provide a number of benefits including variations such as:

  • a single external phone number that offers, in reality, multiple line access to your business telecom services (i.e. clients can always ‘get through’);
  • an internal system that allows all extensions on your system, to access an outside line at any time;
  • every person on your office telephone system can have their own individual external number that clients can dial in addition to your central number;
  • an automated routing system for inbound calls via a menu system.

If this sounds rather high-tech and expensive, well the latter is typically not true.

Things have really moved on, in terms of cost and technology, and for some companies, a multi line phone system can be a cost-effective business telecoms solution.

You may find that your phone system can provide you with huge competitive advantage by the utilisation of the above technology and approach (plus others) and all at a cost that you may find to be surprising modest.

So, if you’d like your business telecoms to move your business from the 20th into the 21st century, you may wish to consider a multi line phone system. At Telcare, we will gladly advise you further on the options available.

Free office phones - the story of events and many thanks

Friday, December 10th, 2010

At the beginning of 2010 we decided to help a small business by giving away a telephone system, complete with installation and 12 months’ support. How to choose the right business was the problem as there are so many organisations in need or updating their current set up. So the contest concept was born (and entitled the Golden Giveaway) and we began inviting companies to tell us how they would benefit by having the free system.

The idea was launched at the Be An Amazing Business Builder Show held at the Inn on the Lake, Cobham. The show was a perfect place to network with like minded people and it was in fact here that we met Shiel Campbell of the Utility Warehouse. As senior executive at the Utility Warehouse and a serial networker, Shiel has helped many individuals and businesses with their utility requirements, including phone lines. Shiel immediately identified a possible candidate for our free system and made sure she had all the necessary information to pass on. Throughout the summer our campaign was advertised in various publications, newsletters, mailshots and of course by word of mouth.

Our Business Link advisor Debbie Hough, kindly agreed to judge the entries, along with two Telcare directors. Our aim was to find an organisation that would truly benefit by having a telephone system installed.

One entry really stood out and that was the application made by a care home/hospice for disabled adults in Faversham, known as Fynvola Foundation. Incidentally, the very people Shiel Campbell had in mind. Their current set up was just two cordless phones. They had no facility to transfer a call, other than dashing about, phone in hand, searching for member of staff. The advantages that a system could provide were enormous. Needless to say Fynvola made the shortlist and then went on to win the system. Telcare awarded the system to a delighted Jenny Gurney and staff at Fynvola on the 8th November and on the 29th the system went live. The home are now happily using the system and are comforted to know that they have continued support from Telcare along the way.

We would to say thank you to all those involved in the process, including those that participated by submitting an entry. We received lots of enthusiasm and support for the idea as well as for the search for the lucky winner. Special thanks go to the following:

Jason & Stella Hulott at Speedie PR
Debbie Hough at Business Link
Paul Cummins at DPS Printers
Louisa Felstead at the BAABB Show
Kirsten Gibbs at Replica
Sheil Campbell at The Utility Warehouse

Plan ahead and avoid telecoms downtime this Christmas

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

If you are closing the office early or working from home during the festive season make sure you are prepared:

  • If you plan on diverting calls, try a dummy run to make sure you can achieve what you are hoping to.
  • Plan ahead for recording Christmas greetings and announcements.
  • Make sure your old voicemail messages have been deleted leaving space for new ones during the holiday period.
  • If you require replacement handsets, handpieces or curly cords, why not arrange this with us before the Christmas break.
  • Protect from phone fraud. If in doubt, add call barring to your to do list.

Report any system faults now, no matter how minor. Ignoring them could prove disastrous at the most inconvenient moment.
Make sure you have a note of our helpdesk freephone number should you require assistance with remote programming or system failures.

Call us on 0800 376 8484 or email with any of the above queries or more, we will be happy to help.