Telephone systems installation for schools

Sometimes, the subject of telephone systems installation for schools may send a wave of apprehension through the various school authorities and management boards.

Some associate any idea of a new telephone systems installation for schools with:

  • more cost coming out of already stretched budgets;
  • disruption to the life of the school or its orderly function;
  • impact on teaching and other staff due to training overheads;
  • risks of things going badly wrong.

We understand these concerns but we can also say categorically that if the installation is professionally planned and managed, then the final three of the above issues need never arise.

Installing a new system of this sort is a specialist activity best left to people that have an extensive track record in the domain – such as ourselves.

Of course, the first point relating to budget is something that will always be an issue in today's economic environment. We know that education budgets have never been under closer scrutiny and schools/colleges must act responsibly when selecting new technical systems.

Yet, the cost of ‘doing nothing’ may prove even more damaging if your existing business telecoms infrastructure is obsolete.

Examples might include:

  • running the risk of you incurring significant cost trying to keep it ‘up and running’ - particularly if you need to keep paying out for engineers to repair or restore it;
  • communicating entirely the wrong message to potential sponsors, benefactors and other sources of potential private revenue generation;
  • failing to maintain an appropriate culture of confidence and achievement necessary to motivate certain of your students;
  • disadvantage some of your students and staff, who may be seeking to participate in joint activities with other local schools, colleges or institutions;
  • reducing the effectiveness and efficiency of your staff who, through an absence of appropriate telephone facilities, need to resort to inefficient methods of communication;
  • frustrate parents and other bodies, who may wish to contact the school urgently should a crisis arise.

Selecting an appropriate telephone systems installation for schools may result in removing many of these potential problems. The cost of not doing so may well be invisible but it exists, as do its associated risks.

Yet perhaps the above are all slightly negative reasons for investing in modern telephony systems. Perhaps far more important is the opportunity offered by such systems, to educational establishments. They may offer you the opportunity to finally leave the 20th century behind.

We have considerable experience of telephone systems installation within schools and other educational facilities, and will be only too pleased to discuss this further, as well as show you the budget beating options we have available. You may be pleasantly surprised just how cost-effective our service is!


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