Small business telephone systems and solutions for schools, colleges and universities

Whatever sort of educational establishment you run, you may benefit from one of the new small business telephone systems. There may be a number of reasons why that may be so.

The first and perhaps most obvious one is where your existing school telephone system is simply not supporting the objectives of your establishment.

It may be time to re-consider your position if you currently have one or more of the following situations:

  • insufficient extensions;
  • geographical limitations (e.g. your existing system won’t reach other buildings or sites);
  • not enough outside lines to support your needs;
  • limited functionality such as no voice mail, call re-routing or audio conference facilities (etc);
  • high cost of ownership – measured by expensive annual support and maintenance plus high call-out and problem resolution costs;
  • frequent downtime;
  • difficulties in integrating your system with other technologies around your premises.

Any of these may seriously inhibit your ability to perform to your maximum capabilities and may justify consideration of a major revision to your existing system or perhaps a new one altogether.

That latter suggestion may seem a little bit radical given that academic budgets are tight at the current time. We can assure you that we will always seek to leverage off your existing system to both protect your existing investment and improve your service, however, our ability to do so may sometimes be limited by technical reality.

Sometimes existing small business telephone systems may simply have been stretched way beyond their original design specifications and may simply be too old or so obsolete, as to make enhancement impracticable – and certainly not cost-effective.

We will, of course, always look to be objective in the advice we provide.

There is though, another more subtle reason why you may wish to consider newer small business telephone systems.

An educational establishment is meant to communicate certain positive values to its pupils, staff and the external world.

To put it bluntly, this may be difficult or impossible to achieve, if your business telecoms infrastructure is falling apart at the seams.

As we mentioned before, we are of course, aware that budgets everywhere are tight and especially so within your industry. The good news is that with our service, upgrading your existing telephone system or investing in a brand new one need not be cost-prohibitive.

You may be pleasantly surprised as to just how competitively-priced our small business telephone systems installation and maintenance solutions can be. So, financially, practically and in terms of your establishment’s reputation, now may be the time to get in touch with us about how we can help maximise the effectiveness of your telephone system.

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