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A multi line phone system: what is it?

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

In the old days, a multi line phone system may have comprised nothing more than a number of individual lines, each with their own phone number, coming into a building.

Perhaps they terminated in a switchboard from which the calls could be routed around the building.

This was a cumbersome and potentially customer-frustrating system – it may also have been relatively expensive in terms of things such as multiple line rentals etc.

Hopefully, such systems are now largely a thing of the past.

It is now perfectly possible to have a single physical line into a building, which carries a variety of traffic, including several phone numbers if needed.

Modern handsets can then simply use each available line as required, meaning that you could place a call on hold then dial from the same handset to another number.

If your handset has the facilities, you could then simply press another button in order to link the two calls together into a conference call.

Some companies prefer to think about the facilities of a multi line phone system rather differently. For example, it may be possible to give each extension an individual phone number of its own, so that people can call in directly to a personalised phone number of a given person.

This eliminates the need for any form of central switchboard-type function and the subsequent routing of calls.

Of course, picking only one element of new technology, such as a multi line phone system in isolation of the entire spectrum of modern advance business telephone system functionality, may be misleading.

In reality, the new technologies from companies such as Siemens business telephone systems, offer a vast range of powerful features that may help your organisation grow and prosper. Looking at them in totality may allow you to find a solution that is suitable for your needs.

For example, you can arrange to have video or audio conferencing set up and be able to link various offices or locations so that call switching is automatic – no more needing to ask callers to re-dial a separate number to reach another of your locations.

A multi line phone system may prove to be a huge bonus for you and your business and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this – and wider potential options if relevant - with you.

Medway Business Awards Finalists - a September Surprise!

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We’ve exploded into September, with the news that we have been selected as one of the 12 finalists in the Medway Business Awards. As you can imagine, we were all extremely happy to receive the news and there has been an air of elation in the office ever since.

This morning we had to smile and shine for the photographer, which wasn’t a problem as he really put everyone at ease. No doubt our ugly mugs will be appearing in the local paper sometime soon. Watch out!

The winners will be announced at the Medway Business Awards Gala Event in November. That’s even better news we get a night out too! Gook luck to all of those involved, we are really looking forward to the evening and to meeting everyone. Now did someone mention a new dress? What a great idea!

Guest blogger - Katherine Clarke

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Work related learning is something that we have always been keen to get involved in. It can be hard work at times but equally proves to be a very rewarding way to give back to the community. You will understand why I was so happy to receive the following email and wanted to share it in our blog.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce Katherine Clarke as our guest blogger for September. Katherine successfully completed her work experience at Telcare in 2009. Her willingness to get ‘stuck in’ and become part of the team was not only refreshing but an absolute treat for us. In no time Katherine became a valuable member at Telcare, so it was with open arms we welcomed her when she returned during the summer of 2010. Recently Katherine stepped in to provide holiday cover and it was on this occasion that she told me just how useful the experience at Telcare had been to her.  Over to you Katherine ......

"I recently completed four A levels at Dartford Grammar School for Girls and am now preparing to move to, and study at, The University of Birmingham. Despite being really busy I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to complete a few days of valuable work experience at Telcare. This was my third period of work experience with the business in the space of two years.
At the age of 14 I chose Business Studies as one of my GCSE subjects, and continued to study it up to Advanced Level alongside Economics, Human Biology and Geography. I had always been unsure as to which subject I would most like to study within higher education. It was when making this decision that I spent a few weeks of my summer holiday within the Telcare office. From the point of view of a Business Studies student Telcare proved to operate in a way in which I had studied in my text books. It was as if I had stepped into one of the case studies and was seeing first-hand the ways in which a family run business operates.
Being able to sit within one space and observe, as well as actively partake in the different functional areas enabled me to appreciate how important communication and efficiency are to a firm. For instance, I had read about the importance of providing customers with an honest and reliable product or service and was aware that marketing was an integral key to building a relationship with the public. Nevertheless witnessing the ways in Telcare presents itself to current and potential customers through competitions, exhibitions, news letters, their website, social networking sites and of course this blog allowed me to appreciate the reasons why businesses invest in marketing and the response that they receive.
It was after completing my second period of work experience within Telcare that I decided to read Business Management at university level. As I began revising for my AS exams I read and re-read my Applied Business textbook, however in hindsight it was my work experience that contributed most to me gaining an A in the exam. Amongst other questions the paper asked to give examples of financial programmes and their function/importance as well as name and describe various methods of advertising and the ways in which a business utilises them. Whilst many of my peers could name ‘Sage’, the financial programme mentioned in the textbook, I was finding it difficult to condense all of the information I had learnt from being taught how to use the software by the staff at Telcare.
My work experience continued to aid me during my final year and without a doubt contributed to me gaining an A in each of the three coursework modules. I believe that work experience is a vital tool to be used, whether it helps an individual like myself confirm their ambitions or allows them to realise that the type of job isn’t suited to them. I am extremely grateful for the time I have spent with the team at Telcare and can’t wait to let them all know how I’m finding university life!"

Wow thank you Katherine! We are all very proud of you and wish you a great time at university. Come back and see us soon!

Telephone systems maintenance in Kent

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Are you based in Kent or the South East? Well, if you’re considering telephone systems maintenance, then Kent and the surrounding areas are covered by our expert engineers.

Yet perhaps you’re wondering if telephone systems maintenance in Kent (or wherever you are) is a sensible investment of your money.

Protecting your investment

Business telephone systems, much like a motor vehicle, require periodic maintenance in order to reduce the chances of failure.

They may have comparatively few moving parts but periodically they need to be cleaned and checked, looking for signs of wear and potential faults etc.

Given that some office telephone systems may represent a significant investment of your capital, it may only make sense to protect it.

Protecting your business

If your telephone system fails, it may be that regular maintenance may have prevented it.

That may be a lot more than an irritation to you – it may seriously damage your daily operations. If you have external clients, they may not try too many times to reach you and fail due to your system being down, before they decide to go elsewhere.

Trying to recover lost customers is not easy nor is success guaranteed. It may be something better avoided.

Protecting your establishment

If you are, for example, an educational or other non-business establishment, your office telephone system may be just as important to you.

Your students and parents may need to contact each other urgently if an emergency arises. Your staff members may need your telephony infrastructure as an important teaching aid or simply to efficiently contact each other to check or make changes to plans etc.

Although you may not have customers to lose, as such, you may well find that your professional reputation suffers considerable damage if your phone system is not functioning correctly.


It is typically accepted that it costs considerably more to fix a technical problem once it has arisen, than to prevent it happening in the first place.

In our experience this is perfectly true.

The relatively modest costs typically associated with routine maintenance may be considerably more cost-attractive that those associated with needing to call out engineers to deal with what should have been a preventable problem.

So, if you are looking to find out more about telephone systems maintenance in Kent, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We endeavour to offer tailor made solutions to meet your requirements – and your budget!

Planning for a successful telephone systems installation

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

One of the most important aspects of a successful telephone systems installation is planning.

Yes, selecting the right solution for your needs is also critically important but having done so, you will then be faced with installation.

If a telephone systems installation is well planned, there is no reason why it should be anything other than quickly and successfully accomplished – with the minimum of disruption to your business-as-usual activities.

There are, however, a few things that are typically worth being very cautious about:

  • a DIY approach in an effort to save money;
  • going ahead with installation without an appropriate plan.

The DIY dangers arise from the fact that, sometimes, business telephony systems installation appears to consist only of needing to place a box or two in an office and then putting a cable or two between them.

It is, in fact, rarely that simple.

Things such as the proximity of boxes to each other and connection integrity (and a large number of other things) need to be understood and it may be advisable to think of it as a job for professionals.

Similarly, a detailed plan is important. This needs to take into account things such as cable runs and compliance with Health and Safety legislation but also the possibility of future systems expansion and to incorporate at least some space capacity.

For example, if panels have to be removed and restored to facilitate installation, that’s something that you’ll only wish to do once and not again in a few months’ time if you add a new box or extensions to your network.

In planning, it is also necessary to plan for what’s called a seamless transition or switchover, to your new system from the old. That should aim to avoid any risks to your ongoing daily operation while the installation is underway.

Of course, selecting and using industry standard high-quality solutions from suppliers, such as Siemens business telephone systems, will also help facilitate a smooth installation.

As you would expect, through our technical expertise, we can guarantee a professional telephone systems installation service and would be happy to advise further on the subject.