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Going That Extra Mile

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Some of the Telcare team are currently taking NVQs in Customer Service. I recently had to meet with our Assessor to give examples of how individual staff members contribute to providing our customers with a high level of service.

One of the questions he asked me was “Can you give an example of when this particular staff member went that extra mile for their customer in order to maintain a positive relationship with them?”

It was at this point when I realised how lucky we are to have such fabulous staff. I could actually come up with lots of examples.

I recalled when Bekki had made sure a customer would receive an urgent order, despite it being late in the day and the courier had already collected from us. She went out of her way to drive over to the courier’s depot on her way home from work. It resulted in the parcel arriving with the customer the very next morning.

I also remembered when Jamie was particularly foxed when a customer’s system was suffering a very unusual intermittent fault. After doing everything he could remotely, Jamie knew the next stage would be an engineer’s visit to replace equipment. As the customer was local, instead of passing to the next available engineer, Jamie jumped in his car and visited the customer site during his lunch break. He was so keen to get this fault fixed once and for all, which of course he did. I’m not sure who was the most delighted him or the customer.

During a very busy period recently, Victoria received a call from a former customer who no longer had their system covered for maintenance. They were desperate as they had no phones at all. Our priority is of course to systems that are covered for maintenance so we could only send an engineer when all maintained jobs had been completed. A bit of a problem given that our engineers had full workloads. Victoria noticed that this particular customer’s premises was in fact on one of the engineer’s route and so she arranged for that engineer to start earlier the next day in order to help out.

Having systems and procedures are extremely valuable to us, they help us to get the job done in a professional and efficient way. Our team have always been encouraged to demonstrate goodwill. However, naturally going that extra mile is often above and beyond a procedure, it reflects the individual’s positive attitude and their genuine desire to help. It is a privilege to have such people in our team and I’m grateful to our NVQ Assessor for reminding me just how wonderful they are.

Office Relocation

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Are you planning to relocate your office this year?

Although an exciting prospect, the actual process of getting from A to B can be a trying time. The secret to a successful move always lies in the preparation.

With so much to think about it can be easy to overlook some areas and find yourself moving into your new office lacking a key element such as broadband or not having enough lines.

Assigning a 'moving team' with precise responsibilities is a great way to get started. Taking an organised approach will prevent things being overlooked and enable a smooth transition.

Telecoms are an important aspect for any business as communication is key to their success. A desirable outcome will include as little disruption as possible and that's why expertise here is always recommended.

We have been part of the' moving team' for many businesses over the years. Surveying the new office, ordering the lines, transferring the numbers, installing the cables and sockets, setting up the telephone system and much more.

Here are a few telephone related factors for you to consider before you embark on your office move.

• When are you moving? Tip: Allow plenty of time to liaise with providers to make sure everything falls into place.
• What is your budget? Tip: Get quotes for everything and draw up a budget accordingly.
• Decide how many lines you will need? Tip: Ordering new lines should be given early consideration as this can be the most time consuming.
• Can you keep your current phone number? Tip: If you have non- geographical numbers these can be used anywhere within the UK.
• How many sockets and handsets will you need? Tip: Allow for growth at this stage, it will be more cost effective.
• Will you move your existing system or buy a new one? Tip: Relocation is a logical time to upgrade especially if your current system is ageing and running the risk of becoming obsolete
• What new technology could improve efficiency in your business? Tip: Ask your telephony supplier about the latest solutions available.
• Decide how you will let your customers know about the move. Tip: To avoid missing calls, an announcement or divert can be put on your old number if you can't move it.

Here's what a satisfied customer said after their office relocation .........

“I am just sending this email to say a 'Big Thank You'... for setting up the phone system in Unit 8b. I really appreciated all your hard work and effort for making a difficult job seem easy. Thanks again.”
Nick Biglowe – Protocol Skills

Moving to a new office should be an exciting time, be organised and enjoy!