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5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

No matter the size of your business great customer service will always give your business the upper hand. Providing your customers with such a pleasing experience will not only satisfy them into returning but also encourage them to recommend you.  The good news is, it’s easy to do; so keep on track with these 5 reminders and give your customer service a boost.

1. Create a relationship with your customers.  It’s so important to build a feeling of trust and that’s what will gradually develop when your customers get to know you and like you.

2. Say yes. Be prepared to be flexible, one customers needs may not match another, so place your customers interests first and look into tailor making something to suit. The general fear is that people will take advantage of this generosity but in our experience very few have, in fact it results in more customers expressing gratitude for affability.

3. Add some extra little touches. You will be remembered for the extra value you provide. Your customers will always expect you to do what you say you’ll do but if you provide something above and beyond then that’s bound to impress them.

4. Show thanks wherever you can. Your customers are your greatest asset, without them you wouldn’t be in business. Everyone likes to be appreciated and there are many different ways in doing this. Look for ideas from saying ‘Thank you for your custom’ when corresponding to giving customer appreciation certificates for loyalty and gift vouchers for referrals.

5. Provide your staff with a method of response to ensure a high level of service.  We use the HEAT method.

  • H is for hear. Listen to what the customer has to say, let them explain their situation fully without interrupting.
  • E is for empathy. Place yourself in the customer’s position and try to see it from their point of view. By conveying that you understand will let the customer know you are on their side and that you intend to help them.
  • A is for apology. If the customer has a complaint then apologise. Be genuine, say that you are really sorry that they have had reason to complain and thank them for the opportunity to put it right.
  • T is for take action. Tell the customer what the next step will be and what you plan to do to help them. Keeping a customer informed should always be priority.

Practice these points and you soon will be sending your customers away happy and bringing them back for more business. Good luck.


Trouble with the Dog and Bone

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

We have the pleasure of looking after the phones for the lovely folk down at Stonelees Golf Centre in Ramsgate, and just recently we installed a new system in the owner’s house.

Unfortunately things did not work out smoothly for the customer.  Every time the phone rang it sent Eric (the red mini daschund) into a barking frenzy.   Owner Cathy contacted our helpdesk to explain;  “It took us a couple of days to link the ring tone to Eric’s barking. Every time the phone rang Eric gave voice. His barking was annoying enough but he then set off the other 4 dogs and they would all go bounding outside to see off whatever they thought it was.”  

We couldn’t help but giggle and Cathy admitted that they found it quite amusing at first but that soon wore thin.

Fortunately all that was needed was a change of ring tone; the standard setting has now been replaced by a lower pitched tone. Cathy has reported that Eric no longer notices when the phone rings and calm has resumed.

The unusual case has earned Eric superstar status here in the office; his photo is pinned to our notice board and brings a smile every time we walk by.