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Business Telecom Rates

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Our call usage is changing all the time, as are the tariffs yet it is not unusual to find customers with the same call package they’ve had for years.

Is it about time you gave your office telecoms on overhaul? You could be pleasantly surprised.

Over-paying a few pounds a week might not sound too disastrous, but adding it up over a year might be enough to make you sit down and check your bill.
There are many deals to be had at the moment but beware of the cheap options, you know the ones that almost sound too good to be true, they often come with a fixed term, where you get locked in and can be difficult to escape.

You also might want to consider the type of service you receive from your provider, how easy is it to report a fault? Is it easy to communicate with them? Are they helpful? Can you rely on them to deal with your query quickly and efficiently or do you have to make constant phone calls chasing them up, only to speak to different people each time. It could be time for a change.

If you are too busy to check your bill, why not email us a copy and we’ll make a start for you. We offer a free audit service so will be happy to look at the rates and compare prices for you.
Email your bill to with ‘audit my bill’ in the subject line.

Siemens rebrand to Unify

Monday, October 21st, 2013

October 15th saw the unveiling of Siemens new brand in a massive virtual event hosted by Siemens headquarters in Munich. A global webcast revealed just how the next chapter will unfold. Siemens Enterprise Communications has evolved and will be now known as Unify.

This has brought about much excitement in the industry based on the feeling that the rebrand symbolises a new approach for communications together with all sorts of opportunities.

Unify CEO Hamid Akhaven said “Unify is uniquely positioned to lead our customers and the industry toward the emergence of a new way to work that will transform how enterprises communicate and collaborate, where technology will amplify the collective effort of information workers, energise teams and processes, and enhance business performance.”

Of course, it will take some time for the information to filter through and for us all to adjust to the name change, but please be assured that business at Telcare will be as usual. We will be amending the logos and wording on our website to reflect the new brand but your agreement with us will not be affected.
Should this news bring about any questions, please do get in contact; we will be happy to help.

For more information about UNIFY details can be found at

Our Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

“Let’s do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks” I said to David at the beginning of the year. I had decided that I wanted to raise some money for diabetes research in my 50th year and this seemed ideal. David replied with something sensible like “How about researching it first” but to be honest I didn’t really hear as I was too busy completing the application form. I ticked the box for September 28th, ample time to prepare.

Funnily enough September 28th arrived in no time and all of a sudden we were heading off to Yorkshire. Walking boots, ruck sacks, first aid kit, blister plasters, torch (just in case) and plenty of food & drink, we had it all.

We met our guide at 7am in the car park and after some last minute trips to the loo we set off towards the first peak. Our guide brought along his dog, Billy, a black Labrador, who was an old hand at such adventures, as was our guide, he had done this particular trip more than 50 times! Much respect for them both.

The first peak, Pen-Y- Ghent, didn’t take too long to climb at all, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy, I was completely out of breath and struggling and that was only half way up! Our guide was excellent telling me where the best foot holds were and which rock was the safest to grip etc., with his help we safely reached the summit in good time, around 8.30am. This was quite exciting, one peak down, and two to go!

The trek to the second peak, Whernside, was gruelling, in fact the 10 miles to the base of the second peak, felt like 20. It had turned out to be a really warm day, so our layers of clothing were being shredded bit by bit. There had been no breaks; we ate our packed lunch on the go. Loo stops had been minimal, I won’t go into too much detail but you can imagine what squatting in what turned out to be a load of stinging nettles did to my backside! The impressive scenery most definitely needs a mention, especially the Ribblehead Viaduct, with its stunning 24 arches, part of the famous route of the Settle to Carlisle railway.

During the approach to Whernside, I was granted 2 minutes to stop and inspect my left foot, which was by now blistered and bleeding. Plasters were quickly administered, as well as clean socks and then we were off again. The ascent to Whernside went on and on, when we finally reached the summit, our jackets and fleeces were a must as it was cold and extremely windy. Hooray, two peaks down and one to go!
The decent from Whernside was steep and tricky, I took this slowly and was very aware of holding people up but quite honestly I was scared of falling onto the rocks and my legs were feeling really wobbly, so couldn’t go any faster. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to reach the bottom and find flat ground again.

Our guide (and his dog) were always in the lead, Billy seemed to have so much energy, sniffing out every bush, taking a quick dip in a stream as we passed. David was able to keep pace with them but unfortunately I was not. I found it very difficult in catching up as I just didn’t have the gas!

When we approached the final peak, Ingleborough, I noticed the very steep ascent. All hope of finishing the challenge left me. I turned to David and told him that I couldn’t do it. David just calmly replied, “You can, it’s the way home, come on.”

The guide had already started the climb so all I could do was follow. I don’t know how I got to the top but I did, and reaching the actual summit was so satisfying. At last 3 peaks and NONE to go!
I think it was true to say that we all found a new lease of life on the decent and even I sped up a bit. This was short lived as we hadn’t realised that we had a good few hours walking still left to do and this was suddenly made worse by the sun setting and darkness closing in. We were fortunate to have our guide, he had walked this section many times in the dark and so we were luckily in safe hands.

By the time we reached the car park, my walking poles were the sole reason for me being upright; the sight of my car has never brought about so much emotion and probably never will again. We drove straight to Settle and tucked in to a well earned portion of fish and chips.

Finishing the challenge coincided with our target of £1000 being reached on my Just Giving Page, it was a great feeling. Many many heartfelt thanks to all of you that kindly donated to our charity JDRF, we are truly grateful.