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Keeping Compliant

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

We like to assure our customers that their business is safe in our hands.  In order to do this we continually assess our processes and procedures with a view to identifying any areas that may need improving and making sure that our standards are maintained.  Our standards, values and customers expectations carry great importance to us.

Quality Assurance:

Our quality management system has been created to bring a set of measurable targets to ensure the company’s objectives are constantly met.

Our quality management system is compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008


We can confirm that we’re keeping our beady eye on the planet and encourage others to do the same.  The environment is considered in everything we do and we comply with the legislation in this respect.

Our quality management system is compliant with BS EN ISO 14001: 2004


Health & Safety:

We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our staff and customers alike.  Our team are given the appropriate training to enable them to perform their roles in a way that will not put them or those around them at risk.

Our health & safety policy and system is compliant with and registered in the CHAS national database.

Should you wish to have further details such as certificate numbers for your records, please get in touch, we will be be pleased to assist.

There's a hiss on the line!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

You can imagine our engineer’s surprise when he opened up our customer’s telephone system and this little fellow slithered out!

A customer had complained that they appeared to have an intermittent fault with their system, one minute it would be working as it should, then quite inexplicably the lights on the system would start flashing and the phones would start ringing but with no-one at the other end.

Engineer Jamie went to investigate, he said that he unscrewed the system and the snake calmly slithered out onto the floor. He managed to pick the reptile up and take a quick photo before taking it outside and releasing it onto a grassy area.

The telephone system was pronounced fault free so we can only assume that the snake had been the cause of the strange happenings.

The Medway Amphibian & Reptile Society were delighted by our find “We really couldn’t believe our eyes; we think you have found one of the rarest forms of grass snakes in Kent” said Director Mrs April Furst.