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How afternoon tea turned into a trek across the Sahara

Monday, June 30th, 2014

There’s never a dull moment in the Telcare office and in true Telcare style we have recently been celebrating the fact that Victoria has given us 10 years of loyal service. What a superstar! We decided that an afternoon tea would be a great way to mark the occasion and set about organising the event, dreaming of champagne, cucumber sandwiches and cream cakes.

Then the unimaginable happened, Victoria said NO! She actually turned down cake!

She very politely declined our offer and explained the reason why. She told us about a local charity, Fields of Life and how she dearly wanted to support them with their fundraising efforts. She asked if Telcare would make a donation to the charity instead of paying for the afternoon tea. We immediately pushed all thoughts of warm scones and jam to the back of our minds (really we did) and readily agreed to hand over the money.

The good people at Fields of Life are organising a trek across the Sahara desert through a scheme called My Ten Days. The scheme encourages businesses to give their employees the opportunity to take ten days paid leave in order to volunteer for charity.

Although Victoria is not in a position this year to join the trek, it is something that she is looking into for next year. We think it’s a fabulous idea and will definitely be spurring her on, so watch this space. In the meantime Telcare have donated £250 towards the trek which will be raising funds for the Well Good Campaign which focuses on drilling water wells in East Africa.

Should you wish to make a donation or would like to know more please go to or

Success Ahead

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Having a good idea for a business is one thing, setting up and running it successfully is quite another. Finding new customers whilst keeping existing ones happy and managing cash flow to boot, is no easy task and that's not even scratching the surface of the daily challenges of running a business.

They say that 20% of all new businesses don't survive the first year. That's because it takes a special kind of input, it's a combination of hard work and a certain determination that's often fuelled by an entrepreneurial vision and a passion that encourages you to leap out of bed each day, even when it's raining and the overdraft has reached it's limit.

Do you resonate with the story so far? Then read on.

One of the reasons small businesses go under is due to lack of visibility. When money is tight and you're busy spinning the plates it is difficult to make yourself or your company known. Spreading the word by networking and using social media platforms are great ways to be seen but it can take some time to build a reputation. This is where some additional credibility comes in handy.

Have you ever thought of the kudos an award may bring? Imagine being the proud owner of a 'Start-up Company of the Year' award or a 'Customer Service' award. Not only would it be fabulous recognition of all the blood, sweat and tears but an acknowledgement of your business achievement and a respected place in the business community.

An award can be an opportunity, a door opener and a spotlight on your business.

If you are in business and if you are in Kent then we have a suggestion that might just whet your appetite for some serious affirmation of just how fantastic your business is.

September 25th is the date of the Kent Independent Trader Awards.
In it's third year, the event has announced a change of venue as well as an improved assessment process that sets a structured criteria for the evaluation of entries across all categories.

The organiser’s intentions are to engage with and celebrate the small businesses of Kent by showcasing their excellence.

You are invited to take part in the awards in one of three ways:
1. Attend the event and support your local business community.
2. Nominate a business that deserves recognition.
3. Enter your business and stand a chance of receiving an award.

Categories are:
o Independent Trades Person of the Year
o Independent Bar/Pub/Restaurant
o Health & Beauty
o Growth Business Award
o Customer Service Award
o Creative Business of the Year
o Independent Retailer of the Year
o Contribution to the Non Profit Sector
o Home Based Business of the Year
o Start-Up Business of the Year
o Professional Business of the Year

For more information and nominations visit

Telcare are sponsoring the event for the second year and hope to see you on the 25th of September for an evening to remember.