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Successful Exhibiting 5 Tips to Consider

Monday, July 21st, 2014

As Telcare exhibit quite frequently we often get asked whether we consider these types of events successful. The answer is yes but the emphasis has to be on how you determine ‘successful’. Here are a few of our tips that you might find helpful.

1.Expecting a long line of customers eagerly ready to purchase your product might just be classed as wishful thinking. It’s never going to be that easy. Expecting to meet new people and starting new conversations is far more realistic.

2.The sales process is very much like an essay; the introduction, the nitty gritty and the conclusion. You cannot get down to the nitty gritty without the introduction and the conclusion will very much depend on what you’ve said and done beforehand. Go along to these events focusing on the introduction and building relationships. During the day you will meet fellow exhibitors, organisers and visitors. Some you may know well, some not so well and others you will have yet to meet. Aim to support your friends, forge new relationships and strengthen those existing connections.

3.A point to remember; if there are 100 exhibitors at the event then that’s 99 other people for you to network with, regardless of the amount of visitors that show up on the day. You get to spend much more time with fellow stand owners than you do with a visitor to your stand. Go well prepared with enough staff to man your stand as well as visit all the other stands. There is no rule as to where business can be done; the coffee area or the bar always works well for us. Alfred Montapert once said “All lasting business is built upon friendship”

4.Let’s look at the people sharing the event. Are they all to be viewed as prospective customers? Yes of course, but they should also be viewed as prospective suppliers. It is extremely important to remember that the day has to include buying as well as selling. The reason for this is plain, if everyone went to sell sell sell then who is left to buy? It can be a recipe for disaster if your intention is to be in 'full-on' selling mode all day. Open up the channels of communication, let people have their say and view everyone as prospective suppliers as well as customers, the outcome will be far more enjoyable, and in the long run far more successful.

5.You’ll notice we used the term ‘in the long run’ on that last point, that’s because we believe nothing happens over night, success comes from momentum. The more you exhibit the more you will learn; the more you learn the better you exhibit. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to increase the chances of doing business.
Of course there are other things to take into consideration when exhibiting, such as the position of your stand, stand etiquette and the ante and post exhibition plan, but that’s a blog for another day.

After the event - Kent b2b 2014

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

The reluctant thoughts of early starts, heavy boxes and setting up stands can soon be turned around by a well organised event. This was the case on Tuesday at the Kent b2b 2014 at the Ashford International Hotel, Ashford.

This well loved event hosted by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, is in it’s 28th year, and as the Chamber Chief Executive, Jo James, said “it has grown from small beginnings into one of the county’s most prestigious business occasions.”

As Chamber members, Telcare have been both delegates and exhibitors over the years and have witnessed the growth of the event along with the constant improvements that have culminated in the successful business exhibition that it is today.

Our stand was in the usual place, giving visitors a base to meet with us, however a lot of networking was done ‘off stand’ whilst connecting with fellow exhibitors and wandering visitors throughout the venue. There really are no rules as to where business can be done!

We enjoyed an intriguing seminar delivered by Daniel Priestly on how to become a key person of influence. Daniel kindly gave away some of his books but you can imagine how quickly they were snapped up and alas I was at the end of the queue.

Something new this year was the introduction of the speed networking with our French friends from the Transmanche Business Club. With the ease of transport to Calais these days, the possibility of doing business across the Channel should not be discounted. As I discovered the closeness of the Holiday Inn in Calais really makes a meeting or a team building event quite doable.

Serious networking can be hungry work so thank goodness for Beverley Adams-Reynolds from Exquisite Vintage Teas and her delicious offerings of scones, cupcakes and to-die-for lemon drizzle cake. The event photographer, Pete Bresser, captured the evidence perfectly.

The winner of our champagne was the very lovely Joanne Keane from Connect 2 Staff. It was a pleasure to meet her and hand over the bubbly. You can find Joanne at she will be happy to assist you with any recruiting needs you may have.

The Kent b2b experience was in our opinion a valuable way to spend the day. Having the opportunity to connect with so many of our contacts, existing customers and suppliers, as well as new prospects all under one roof really can’t be ignored. Learning and sharing information with Kent’s finest business men and women can only maximise our potential. So we will see you same time and same place next year.

The Kent b2b 2014

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

It’s that time of year again when the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce open the doors to the fabulous B2B at Ashford International Hotel in Ashford. The event takes place on Tuesday 8th July at 9am to 4.30pm and if you’ve been before you’ll know it’s not to be missed!

There’s a tremendous day organised with keynote speakers, workshops, speed networking sessions and over 90 exhibitors.

The hosts of the well loved Business Bunker Radio show will be there, interviewing exhibitors and visitors alike, so a chance to get a shout out for your company on the radio.

So bring your business cards, sensible shoes and a smile, there will be a busy but fun day in store for you. Oh and when you’re browsing around the stands look out for us, we will be at stand 70, do come and say hello, we will be pleased to meet you.

For more information regarding the event please visit