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Brushing up on Security

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last few years you’ll be very aware of the ever increasing threat of online fraud.  Computer hacking, identity fraud, credit card theft you name it. In fact there’s even a fraud relating to fraud!

Criminals are working on new scams daily so we really do need to keep on our toes to stay one step ahead.canstockphoto22826038

Unfortunately telephones haven’t escaped the long list of fraudulent activity and sadly hacking into an organisation’s telephone system is big business.  Fraudsters have developed a way to hack into telephone systems and then make multiple calls to premium rate or international numbers. Unsuspecting businesses are often not aware of this until they receive a huge telephone bill.

Here are a few tips to help prevent this type of fraud.

  1. Voicemail features are often the route the hacker uses to gain access to your system. Do not use the default passwords like 0000 and 1234, choose a personal number and change it regularly.
  1. Ask your maintainer to bar overseas and premium rate numbers being dialled from the system. If you need to use them occasionally then you can change the restriction easily (this might depend on the arrangement you have).
  1. Restrict outgoing calls when the business is closed. Bank holidays, evenings and weekends are prime time for hackers to strike.
  1. Monitor call reporting and call logging features or any similar software that might be working alongside your telephone system. Open ports to your telephone system are like an open door to your house. Any unusual activity would be worth pursuing.
  1. Look through your telephone bill each month in order to identify any suspect use and expenditure.

A point worth remembering is that the responsibility for call usage lies with you, the customer, so be vigilant and make your staff aware of the situation.