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Telephone System Repair

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Having access to a professional telephone system repair service may help your business avoid calamity in the event of a technical problem.

This type of service comes in all shapes and sizes so it is well worth checking what is available and what would suit your needs before disaster strikes. You may be looking for some assistance on an ad-hoc basis or perhaps you would prefer a more permanent agreement.  Do you require cover for standard office hours or are weekends just as important?  Clearly, if you and your customers work at unusual hours then your maintenance and support engineers will need to be available likewise.


Of course, the cost of these support contracts may vary depending upon the level of support you’re asking for. If you want support that means engineers arrive at your site very quickly and at unsocial hours, then that may cost a little more than a contract that’s based essentially upon standard working hours i.e. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Having a maintenance provider on board can also act as a preventative measure. Regular attention can help reduce the likelihood of your system failing.  Your supplier may even give you and your colleagues a few tips that you could carry out yourselves with a little training and familiarisation.

Electrical Work

It is an unfortunate fact that some business telephone systems may be so obsolete they are virtually unsupportable. In some extreme cases this may mean that in the event of a major crash, the system cannot be restored. It may be a case of it not being economically worthy of a repair and some maintenance suppliers may refuse to take it under cover.

In such a situation, it may be highly advisable to consider a full system replacement – an investment that may pay for itself quickly, not only in terms of the additional functionality provided but also through reduced service and support charges.

We understand that many businesses are under financial pressure and the temptation to economise on telephone systems support and maintenance may be strong. However, before surrendering to those temptations, it may be worth thinking what it would do to your business if you were without phones and your other business telecoms services?