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Small Business Saturday

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Do you know that Saturday 5th December is Small Business Saturday?

Although I’d like to think that we support the small businesses around us on a regular basis, the 5th December has been nominated as the day we can join together in shopping locally and backing the independent traders that bring so much to our communities.

If like me, you spend most of your week juggling time and dashing from one place to another, you will resonate with me when I say that convenience is often top of my list. Popping in to the local supermarket is quick and easy. But quick and easy is exactly that, there really is little or no interaction, especially if you use the self-service checkout. canstockphoto1904111

On the odd occasions that I find myself with some spare time, I do like to wander in and out of the local shops, have a chat with the owners and see what’s new. The last time I did just that I found that the Florists now sell helium balloons. I also discovered that the little hardware shop has a key cutting service. My Butcher was delighted to tell me that his business has just won an award and showed me all the photos in his copy of Kent Life. The lady in the Pet Shop informed me that she has finished all her Christmas shopping (grrr) and I noticed that the Hairdressers are extending their opening hours, very handy to know. This type of shopping experience is entirely different to the supermarket dash, it is almost therapeutic, it’s pleasing to feel that your custom is appreciated as well as being on the receiving end of a welcome smile and a friendly hello.

So this Saturday, I shall be treating my hubby to a bacon sarnie at the Diner, ordering my turkey at the Butchers, picking up my Christmas wreath from the Florist and having my hair trimmed at the Hairdressers.

I hope you can find time to shop locally on the 5th December and support your small business community.

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