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Tips for using voicemail

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Recording your message
Be aware of the background noise before you start recording. Choose somewhere quiet to record your message, it will not only be easier for the caller to understand but will give a more professional image. Try sitting up and smiling whilst you record the message, it will come across clear and upbeat and be far more welcoming to the caller. Have a little rehearsal so you know you’ve got it right. Include your name in the greeting and when you will be back. Give an alternative contact number for customers to use if you are away.
Let the caller know what you expect them to do.
Often callers don’t know what to say, which results in messages that only include half the required information. Help your caller out and remind them in your greeting, what you will need to know in order to call them back. For example, name, number, reference number etc

Update the greeting regularly
When you are away for an extended time like annual leave, you will probably change your greeting to advise your callers accordingly. Don’t forget to change your message upon your return. It can be quite confusing for callers when they get a message saying you’re on annual leave until the 10th of the month, which was 5 days ago!

De-clutter your mailbox
Get in the habit in deleting your messages once you have heard them. If you leave them in your mailbox they will build up and your mailbox will be become full and no longer able to record any further messages. A possible disaster if you are away for a few weeks.

Check it’s working
Every so often listen to your message and make sure it’s still valid, still audible and still recording messages. Gremlins strike once in a while so don’t assume all is fine.