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Spring Update

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

What a brilliant time of year it is, winter is officially behind us, spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon.

Feeling energised, we have signed up Team Telcare to ‘Colour Me Purple’, the colour run organised by the Friends of Wisdom Hospice. If you fancy a 5km run, jog or walk (apparently, anything goes) whilst being covered in paint, then you can sign up here. If you want to sponsor Team Telcare, let us know, all funds go to the hospice which needs to raise £2,000 a day!Wisdom Hospice

2017 has got off to a productive start. Office moves have been keeping us busy. We help our customers right from the early stages and get involved with the planning. We believe good preparation paves the way for a smooth move. We create a checklist to make sure everything has been given consideration and action is taken at the right time in the moving process. No one likes to move into a new office and find they’ve forgotten something major.

canstockphoto40249156Once the decision to move has been agreed, customers often take the opportunity to upgrade their telephone system and their office set up. This helps them to make the most of the latest technology and improve their organisation’s way of working. The need to move has likely come about because of a change in the company’s working environment, maybe growth or scaling down, so acknowledging these changes at this point makes good sense. When it comes to the actual move, it’s not unusual for us to undertake the relocation of the system during the evening or over a weekend so business interruption is avoided. Customers always have the benefit of our helpdesk team for any niggles or last minute changes.

Recent installs have included a 45-extension system right on our doorstep here on the Medway City Estate. An engineer’s bonus, as not a lot of travelling involved on that job and always a pleasure to serve a neighbour.

We are now undertaking a major project to update the telecoms in a Grade II listed stately home located within a grand country estate. Let’s hope there aren’t any chandeliers involved!
iStock_businesswoman with headset
In addition, the helpdesk has been engaged in dealing with customer queries and problem solving issues that occur on a daily basis. Remote assistance is such a valuable part of our service. Providing a quick response to a customer’s call or email, enables them to get on with running their business and keep telecom disruption to a minimum. Our customer satisfaction surveys report that 84% of our customers felt that our response to their problem was dealt with ‘extremely quickly’. We are very proud of that statistic and are grateful to our clients for the feedback.