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The Business Diaries - March Launch

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

If you experienced a funny incident whilst going about your day you are most likely to mention it to your friends or family that evening. You will reel off the sequence of events with no hesitation, share the humour and entertain your loved ones. Congratulations you've just become a storyteller.

Each of us has thousands of stories like that, maybe not funny but nevertheless a story. Our whole life is a series of stories and experiences that help build our knowledge and wisdom. We don't have difficulty in relaying them because they are true, they happened to us. Think about telling your friend over coffee the latest school run saga, did you need a script? Of course not.

When it comes to business, and it's time to sell ourselves and our product or service, we tend to find this a lot trickier. There's so much more going on in our head, we need to deal with the fear of not knowing our audience, the desire to be liked, relaying all the boring facts about our business, oh and don’t forget that nagging pressure of needing to make a sale or ten. How on earth can we remember the presentation we put together, let alone our 60 second intro!

The Business Diaries tries to bridge the gap, storytelling with a business focus. A story from the heart. Enjoy engaging with your audience; who after ten minutes of listening will get a very good idea of who you are, and will place you firmly on the ladder of 'the know me, like me, trust me' process.

On March 23rd, the Business Diaries was launched. A group of business men and women got together to practise the art of storytelling. This involved two simple skills, speaking and listening, both equally important. Six Storytellers entertained us with tales relating to a theme of Working Away. From a case of shattered confidence in Greece, being the face of TGIs and working in PJs, to taking a quick business trip to Chile, returning years later with a husband and two children. After the interval, we were treated to the tale of working from home, that actually meant working away from home, volunteering to be sawn in half and the anecdotes of accepting different cultures and what to do when your dinner starts moving around the plate. As someone said “It was better than watching the telly.”

What a great evening! Perhaps I’d call it “A very British Icebreaker!” As they say “People Buy from People” but what’s missed off from that is “..they know and trust” and we certainly got to know a few people a whole lot more! Don’t worry guys your secrets are safe …yeah right! Neville Gaunt

The Business Diaries was an inspired event. I was thrilled and honoured to share the floor with some fabulous, entertaining, funny story tellers. Fascinating to hear stories from people you have got to know through business, learning things you never knew about them, makes you see them in a totally different light. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of something new, something that was not business focussed and yet still gave you a networking opportunity in a social and fun way. Aly Harrold

Thanks go to our six brave and amazing storytellers, Amanda Flanders, Molly Wright, Linda Garcia, Jemma Fairclough-Haynes, Aly Harrold and Chris Pollard. Much appreciation also to Al Frank Monk, the Business Diaries Photographer and Shirley Eastley, the Business Diaries Coordinator.

The next event will be June 8th at 6.45pm at the Medway Innovation Centre. The theme will be ‘Decisions Decisions’. Please do join us, tickets are available from Eventbrite