The Business Diaries - June's storytelling event

Looking back on June’s storytelling evening, I think it is safe to say it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. As someone in the audience said ”I just didn’t know what to expect”. Once we were seated there was no going back.
Our storytellers were superb, truly honing in on the theme, Decisions Decisions.

The journey started gently with a delightful story from Andrea Barker, sharing how she made a spontaneous decision to stand up to a certain someone at work. A decision that could have cost her job. How many of us would have the courage to do that I wonder?

Next up was Fiona Stephens, who told us how life changed for her after losing her husband. This is where the roller coaster took on speed with a few heart bursting dips. Just at the point where we could take no more, Fiona had us on the upward climb, laughing and marvelling at the realities of life. What an amazing woman, she has truly seen despair but has made some inspirational choices to move on to where she is today.

Hilary Steel’s story whizzed us through her childhood and told how her recent decisions very much link with her early days spending time in her parent’s restaurant and how she has always had a love of cooking and a desire to perform.

The Comedy Cook concluded, in true authentic Hilary style, that the only problem with that is “she can’t cook and isn’t funny” but we all know that won’t stand in her way!

There were a few twists and turns when Denise Wilton took to the floor.
She took us through some entertaining accounts where the right decision saved her from a career with an ‘Adult’ TV channel and after falling off stage, how her ‘the show must go on’ decision saved the day.

Don't worry Denise, your secrets are safe with us!

So, the end of the roller coaster was just around the corner and who knew what would happen next, especially as it was the turn of Paul Andrews!

Paul revealed an amusing story of how, as a 16-year-old, he made the decision to grab an opportunity which fast tracked his career. This wasn’t just a narrative, oh no, it came with a full set of actions that had us all giggling and steered the evening’s joyride to a safe and memorable end.

Enormous thanks go to the storytellers for crafting and sharing their stories so well.

Much gratitude goes to Shirley Eastley, Victoria Jones and Marion Edwards for meeting and greeting and overseeing drinks and nibbles. Their organisational skills were most appreciated.

One last vote of thanks goes to Al Frank Monk for taking some great photographs of the evening.

More photos can be found over at the Telcare FacebookPage

The next event will be 14th September at 6.45pm at the Medway Innovation Centre. The theme will be ‘Embracing Change’. Please do join us, tickets are available from Eventbrite
We will provide 5 storytellers, refreshments and nibbles and a guarantee that you will enjoy the evening.

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