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Ofcom's review leads to £7 reduction on BT's landline-only charges

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Unfortunately, we have experienced cases where the elderly and vulnerable are suffering at the hands of the telecom giants, especially when it comes to overcharging, so we welcome the latest news from Ofcom.

It is estimated that there are 2.9 million landline-only customers in the UK. Many of these customers are aged 75+ and have probably never considered switching provider, meaning their misplaced loyalty has resulted in a proper fleecing. 

Overcharging those who rely on their landline as a lifeline is completely unacceptable and thankfully Ofcom has now stepped in to regulate the charges.

We don’t mean to suggest that these customers have been targeted, we feel they have simply become victims of a competitive market. Packages for complete services such as landline, broadband and TV have become so popular, that the desire to keep the bundle-favouring-customer happy has been top of the agenda, leaving the landline-only customer behind the times, unserved and overcharged.

Starting with BT, who supply 80% of the landline-only customers, Ofcom reviewed current standalone line charges and have announced there will be a reduction of £7 a month from April 2018.  If you know an elderly or vulnerable person who pays for just a BT landline, perhaps you can pass on the good news and help them to check their bills in the spring, to make sure they’ve received this reduction.