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3 Digit numbers and helplines

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Do you know the 3 digit telephone numbers to use for the various helplines?

Here’s the low down on the most popular used numbers.

999 is the traditional emergency number within the UK. This service has been operating for 80 years and caters for all life-threatening emergencies handled by Police, Ambulance and Fire & Rescue services.  This number is free.

112 is also for emergencies. There is no difference between 999 or 112 they both do the same thing.  112 is the result of a 1994 EU directive to standardized emergency numbers across Europe. The number is free.

111 This the NHS medical advisory service, which is a non-emergency service, to be used when the situation is not life threatening. The number is free.

101 is the Police non-emergency number. You should use this number if you want to report a crime that does not need an emergency response. Calls to this number are not free. The charge is currently 15p per minute regardless of the length of the call or whether you call from a landline or mobile. The charge for this call is made by the carrier not the Police.

105 is the National Power service number.  This is the number to call if you have a power cut or have questions relating to safety issues concerning power.  The number is free.

123 is the Speaking Clock. This service was introduced in Britain in 1936 and is still popular today, receiving more than 30 million calls a year. In 1936 a call to the Speaking Clock was just a penny but today it costs approximately 45p per minute when calling from a landline. This can vary depending on providers so it pays to check.

100 is the Operator. The service can help with all calling issues, reverse call charges and booking alarm calls within the UK.  Charges may vary depending upon provider.

151 is the International Operator. For assistance when making a call or when having difficulty reaching a number outside the UK. Charges may vary depending upon provider.

192 was the number for Direct Enquiries, however this was replaced by the 118 range (for example 118 118) and can be very expensive.  Always check costs if you think you need to use this number.