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Telcare 1 Snow 0

Friday, March 9th, 2018

The recent snow hit Medway in a big way, our office car park was transformed into an ice rink in no time. As the main blizzard reached us on Tuesday there was a mass exodus of office workers, all deciding to leave at the same time, needless to say this resulted in absolute chaos.

The photo is the view from our office window. 

At Telcare, we took the view that it was better to be in the warm office than sit in the long queue of traffic. After all we had tea, coffee, biscuits and a loaf of bread!

The days that followed, often started with the question, is it safe to make the journey? As everyone came from different areas with varying degrees of conditions, it was a hard decision.  It wasn’t just the roads to consider, our vehicles ability to cope with the adverse weather situation became quite an issue. With screen wash frozen solid it was a battle to keep the windscreen clear and maintain good visibility.

Further challenges presented themselves to staff in the shape of school closures, problematic boilers and burst pipes, the snow was doing it’s very best to bring everything to a halt.

Fortunately, we have the technology for staff to work from home, so some of the team made it in to the office and some kept us covered remotely.  Our customers had the same idea.  We spent the week diverting their calls, re-setting voicemails, putting emergency announcements in place for schools and medical centres and re-scheduling work.  During the madness we managed to pick up two new customers right on our doorstep. Their telephone systems had just given up, weather related or just a coincidence? Either way we were able to assist and both customers had replacement systems installed mid snow showers.

So despite the snow’s best efforts, the Telcare team pulled together and made it through the week. Result Telcare 1 Snow 0