Winter Newsletter

We are fully in the grips of winter this morning, the temperatures have well and truly dipped, the thermals have been resurrected from the back of the wardrobe and the time between coffee breaks has got noticeably shorter.  The countryside does, however, look splendid in a blanket of white frost.

2019 has settled in nicely and we’ve been off to a flying start with jobs far and wide as well as inside and outside, although the latter not being a favourite of our engineers at this time of year.

For the Telcare team 2018 concluded with our Christmas party at the wonderful Ashdown Park Hotel. It was the perfect end to a busy year and the evening was went on until the wee hours, needless to say not everyone made it to breakfast the next morning.

We are delighted to be sponsoring the 2019 quiz nights organised by the Friends of the Wisdom Hospice.  In order to keep the Hospice fully functioning the Friends fundraise throughout the year.  There are many events planned and the quiz nights are certainly a fun way to raise some much-needed income.
The first quiz will be held on Saturday 16th March at the Hook Meadow Community Centre in Walderslade, Tickets can be purchased from the Friends on 01634 831163

Students Matter We have just attended another FSB 3030 Skills event in a local school. Engaging with the students in this interview programme is entirely beneficial to all that take part. We have found the students to be focused and open to career suggestions.  The FSB have been really proactive in bringing local businesses and students together it’s a fantastic initiative.

Can we help? What are your plans for 2019?  Are you expanding, downsizing or moving office?  Please feel free to pick our brains when it comes to telecoms, we are here to help and always happy to chat.

A Telcare Tip: If you get to the office and find your telephone system has stopped working, check the following points, they may lead to a speedy solution.  We often get panic calls as a result of a ‘dead’ system but it is usual to find that the solution can be quite simple.  Here’s a few things to look out for.

1.Are there any lights on the system? If not, has the system been unplugged or switched off?  It is not unusual for someone to unplug the system unknowingly.

2. Have you tried turning the system off and back on again? Sometimes, a reboot of the system can sort the problem out. A system may take a good 5 minutes to come back to life after a reboot.

3. Has there been a power cut? If so, this may have interfered with your system. Again, try turning the system off and then back on again and it may right itself

4. Is there any building or electrical works going on in your building? If so, could they have affected your lines? If there are other businesses in your building, do their phones work?

5. Has anyone been working on the system? Maybe you were having your computers reconfigured and these reconfigurations have interfered with your telephone system.

Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing at work has always been an important matter to us and so investing time and money for training in the subject has been essential.  Poor mental health affects one in six people in the workplace.  Raising awareness and being in a position to help our staff members and hopefully preventing situations from worsening is our aim.  As we speak we are pleased to report that we have a staff member currently on a course with Kent Police, training to be a Wellbeing First Aider. 

If you would like to get in touch with us please send an email to or call us on 0800 376 8484

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