Staff Appreciation

Our good friends over at All Health Matters have kindly reminded us that it’s Staff Appreciation Day on Friday 1st March.

As we have amazing staff, it urged me to hit the keyboard and officially make it known how fabulous they really are.

Over the years we have pledged to provide our customers with a reliable, friendly and valuable service and the starting point has always been at the heart of our business, our staff.  You can’t give good service if you’ve got a lousy team!

We care about our work and getting things right. Our staff have received customer service training and I’m pleased to say that we have team members scoring very highly in their NVQ’s, achieving merits and distinctions.  

Our employees constantly strive to go the extra mile, not just because they know the benefits of a remarkable service, but because they get personal satisfaction in doing a job well and knowing that they have helped others. 

Examples have been where staff have readily cut short a lunch break to help a customer, delivered parcels personally (in their own time) when a customer can’t wait for the next day courier, devised special help sheets to make user guidance easier and a regular occurrence is staying late to further assist a customer.      

We take every opportunity we can to show our staff how valuable they are. Our curry nights are popular but sometimes we keep it low key and have a pizza and pool night in the office.  We have had fun with bowling, taking part in fundraising events, go karting, Escape Room (not our forte) the London Eye and all sorts. The highlight of the year is always the office Christmas party, where we stay overnight at a hotel and enjoy dinner and dancing into the small hours.

We try to offer perks like Family Days which staff can use to attend a funeral or if their child is sick instead of using their holiday leave. Early finishes when office is quiet, treats for long service, bonuses at Christmas, wellbeing checks (we even had a mobile physiotherapist). In addition, there are always opportunities for further learning and personal development.

We really would like to publicly announce that we appreciate our super team, they do a fantastic job and we know that we are lucky to have them on board. THANK YOU team Telcare!

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