The Biz Diaries Medway

The Business Diaries is a storytelling event brought to you by Telcare's Lisa Settle.

Throughout 2018 there will be four amazing storytelling sessions told by business professionals who have interesting experiences to share.

This is not a time for pitching products, it's a time to hear about the personal experiences of fellow business men and women. The stories might be amusing, inspirational or perhaps a little sad but they'll definitely be worthwhile hearing.

The business community may appear a scary place for an entrepreneur when starting out; hearing honest accounts from fellow business men and women is not only motivating but confirms that the local business community are here to help, support and enable others to flourish.

Join us in March, June, September and December for an entertaining evening of storytelling. Each session will bring storytellers ready and willing to pass on their lessons learnt, the ups and downs of business and a taster of life in their shoes.

The next event is Thursday 22nd March at The Medway Innovation Centre at 6:45pm.  Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite

For news of storytellers, updates and photos please check out The Business Diaries (TheBizDiaries) on Facebook and Twitter.