Line Rental & Call Tariffs

Do you look at your telephone bill and wonder why you’re paying so much?

Are you wondering if you have the correct call package for your business? It may be time for a rate review.

We’d be more than happy to take a look at your current telecoms set up and run an audit free of charge. We can provide you with an up to date quotation in order for you to compare prices.

In addition to line rental and call costs, we can also provide the following:

  • High Speed Fibre Broadband (FTTC)
  • ADSL
  • Leased Lines
  • Call Conferencing
  • IP Voice Services
  • Non Geographic Numbers & Virtual Geographic Numbers

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Our helpdesk says
“In most cases when we analyse a customer’s bill, we find that we can make a saving for them, whether it be cheaper call rates or identifying a service or product they no longer use. It’s always a worthwhile exercise”