Telcare’s Telecoms Troubleshooting Guide

If you have a problem with your telephone system, then you’ll want it resolved as quickly as possible, so that your business remains as unaffected as possible. So before you call for help, check out our guide to telecoms troubleshooting – you may find you can sort the issue yourself!

  • are there any lights on the system? If not, has the system been unplugged or switched off? (It is not unknown for a cleaning lady to use the power socket for her vacuuming, then she forgets to turn the socket back on!)
  • have you tried turning the system off and back on again? Sometimes, a reboot of the system can sort the problem out
  • has there been a power cut? If so, this may have interfered with your system. Again, try turning the system off and then back on again and it may right itself
  • is there any building or electrical works going on in your building? If so, could they have affected your lines? If there are other businesses in your building, do their phones work?
  • has anyone been working on the system? Maybe your were having your computers reconfigured and these reconfigurations have interfered with your telephones system

If you have tried all of the above and your system still does not work, it will be useful to have the following information to hand for when you call for assistance:

  • can you make internal calls?
  • maybe you can make external calls but are unable to receive incoming calls?
  • what happens if you call your number? (ie from a mobile) Do you get an engaged or unobtainable tone? Or does it just ring?
  • if you have broadband, then is it working?

Don’t forget to download and complete our Telecoms Checklist here that will prove useful if you need to contact someone for help.