We all know how quickly the year flies by, so with the first month already over, it’s a good time to hit the pause button and see if 2020 is on track.

We have entered the new year with a continued commitment to value. How we provide it, who we provide it to and how we receive it.  It’s extremely important to us to give customers what they are looking for, we want them to benefit from our service, but it’s also important to acknowledge the value that others bring to us. This can be our staff, suppliers or support from our local network.  Three aspects our business can’t be without.

January always begins with a review of responsibilities and in order to stay compliant, training is the first thing we look at.  I’m pleased to say that everyone has undertaken some form of training so far this year with Paul leading the way, having completed and passed three different courses. What a star!

Supporting the community is always big on our agenda and we have agreed to sponsor the Friends of Wisdom Hospice Quiz Nights again. The first in March and second in September.  Both evenings are well attended and a successful fundraiser for the hospice.

April brings a major careers event at a local school, where we have input on the running of the event as well as mentoring the students.

Taking part in other business events is a way of keeping up to date with our business network, and we are pleased to confirm we will be sponsoring and attending the Networkers Networking Event at the beautiful Eastwell Manor on March 18th.  It will be an enjoyable day, so please do join us if you are looking to meet new businesses in Kent.

This year we will be keeping our customers updated about the changes happening to the UK telecoms network.  The old traditional lines (PSTN) will be phased out and replaced by modern technology known as VoIP. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few customers report that they’ve received calls from ‘telecoms’ organisations advising that their telephone lines are obsolete and immediate action must be taken.  This is not the case, Openreach have advised that sales of old lines will be withdrawn by 2023 with a view to upgrading to the newer technology by 2025. Please be advised that you do not need to upgrade immediately, unless of course you want to, we recommend you take advice in this respect.  You can find more information in our earlier blog.

We are happy to say that our sail is set and hope that you will join us as we head for a successful 2020.