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Directory Enquiries Rip Off

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

In the old days if you needed a telephone number the quickest way to find it was by dialling 192 directory enquiries. This was the way for 47 years. To begin with the service was free and then BT got wise and started to charge but even so it was still a popular tool for finding a number quickly. In 2001 the industry regulator felt that BT was abusing their position and made the decision to open up the field to competition. Old GPO Phone

Enter 118 118, the men with the moustaches and similar services. Not only can they find the number you’re looking for but they can connect you too! It seems very efficient, not to mention handy for you, you don’t have to write the number down, just hang on the line whilst they connect you. Job done!

But hang on a minute, it may seem convenient at first but when your telephone bill lands in your lap you may think twice.

We have received reports from two customers recently saying they had been charged £78 and £92 for using the 118 118 service and could not understand why it was so much for a single call. In both instances they had agreed to be put through to the number they were looking for. The charges are ridiculously expensive. Not only were they paying high fees for the initial enquiry but they continued to pay premium rates for the entire duration of the call. A 30 minute phone conversation could easily cost you £150 and much more if calling from a mobile.

Fortunately most people turn to the internet these days and search for the details they want, which is of course free, however, there are still people using this service unaware that they are about to run up a huge bill. canstockphoto13268529

If you have to use this service then write the number down, hang up and dial the number yourself, it may be slower, it may be less convenient but one things for sure, it will definitely be cheaper. Do be aware that your initial call may cost in the region of £5.

• Never let them connect you
• Use the internet wherever possible
• Use an alternative 118 service, there are cheaper options, however this may involve registering and your information may go into a database which will likely sell your details.
• 195 is a special directory for people with disabilities. You will need to complete a form and get it signed by your GP to sign up to this service.