Tips to prepare for unexpected telecoms downtime

It would be foolish to think that we can completely protect ourselves from every potential disaster lurking around the corner but it is certainly a wise decision to give some careful thought as to how to minimise the impact on our business should the worst happen.

Often calamity arrives due to no fault of our own; we have heard of numerous situations when a bunch of nearby workmen have mistakenly drilled through cables resulting in businesses being left without phones and internet for days or even weeks.

Storms and floods have been known to bring businesses to a grinding halt and cable theft has similarly claimed recent victims. The question is how long can you operate without being able to communicate with your customers and suppliers? In this tech dependent world we live in, the answer would be ‘not long’.

The following points may help you be more prepared.

1. Have a plan and save your reputation. If you have been in business for some time and have built up a fantastic reputation then don’t ruin it by not being able to respond to a catastrophe. Find out what alternative options there are and how quickly you can have them in place.

2. Keep good records. In the event of an emergency you will not want to waste valuable time trying to find basic information relating to your infrastructure.

3. Keep your equipment maintained and stay in touch with a reliable support team who you can call upon when needed.

4. Update your technology. Telecoms equipment is constantly evolving and you may find that old versions will not be compatible with the fix your telecoms team might need to make to get you back up and running.

5. Keep all key staff in the know, disasters rarely occur at a convenient time, share the knowledge so staff holidays and sickness won’t matter.