Exciting news, we have moved… all the way next door!

Some of you know that we have two offices in Beaufort House and just recently we’ve downsized to just the one.

With the lease coming to an end, with staff working from home and a few business changes, everything aligned to the move being a good idea. The 2nd November was the date we officially became one office at 1 Beaufort House.

In just a few sentences I’ve told you we’ve moved next door; I know just next door not even any transportation needed. It was in reality, a lot more involved than it sounds.  In the summer we started the refurbishment of 1 Beaufort House, this included building walls, re plastering, fitting out a brand new stock/comms room and adding a new kitchen, installing a brand new air conditioning system and of course lots of painting. 

Once we were all moved in, we were free to start the dilapidations on 2 Beaufort House. We had occupied this office for nearly 20 years, quite a time scale to accumulate an impressive collection of paraphernalia. The process of sifting through files, disposing of furniture and reverting to bare walls, was hard work and a little emotional too. It is now empty, awaiting its new tenants.

Time to start afresh, 2021 is looming and boy do we all need a fresh start. We have been fortunate that business has continued throughout lockdown, not as usual of course, but we’ve managed to carry on, thanks to loyal staff and valued customers.

Our move won’t make a major difference to you, all emails and telephone numbers remain the same, our address just needs a tiny adjustment from 2 Beaufort House to 1 Beaufort House.  Business is uninterrupted, we are here ready to assist you with all things telecoms.

Wishing you all the best,

David, Lisa and the team.

1 Beaufort House, Beaufort Court, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4F