Work Related Learning - Why Get Involved?

Getting involved in work related learning programmes can be time consuming but when you consider that we are handing over our business knowledge to the next generation then surely that’s time well spent.

Over the years we have participated in schemes providing mock interviews and CV assistance, enterprise weeks & competitions, mentoring, careers fairs and work experience placements. The involvement not only equips the students for a smooth transition into the workplace but provides many benefits for small businesses.

Work related learning

Here are 4 good reasons to get involved.

1. Building Links with the Community
Becoming involved with the community keeps you up to date with local issues and gives you an opportunity to have your say. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. By offering reliable and consistent support to organisations that rely upon volunteers, places your company in a trusted position. Demonstrating that Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of your business is great for your reputation and sends a positive message to staff.

2. Recruitment
Meeting and mentoring students on a regular basis provides an insight of the abilities emerging from schools, colleges and universities. Having access to the raw talent often highlights key skills that are a perfect match for your business and makes for easy recruitment. Work experience is undoubtedly an advantage in the recruitment process. Preparing the next generation with ideas of what an employer is looking for is beneficial to both employer and employee.

3. Training
When a mentor is training a student, he is also learning. Taking part in work related learning schemes can help with your personal development and that of your employees. Staff members are often keen to take part and are motivated by the thought of passing on their knowledge. Work related learning provides on the job training in real situations for the trainer and trainee and a major benefit is that it’s free!

4. Marketing
Involvement within the community provides a source of news worthy content which is useful for your newsletters, blogs and social media strategies. In fact, we often give students the opportunity to write a blog for our website. It makes for a fun day at the end of their placement.